George Harrison Marks and Pamela Green sometimes dabbled with 3-d photography. The results of which can be seen in Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6. This pocket publication was published by A. Hallé Ltd of London and forms part of a series of at least seven books. Apparently no expense was spared to “combine first class photography, faultless printing and classic posing — all in harmony to capture every aspect of beauty in the female form” and all in 3-D for only 2’6, including spectacles. A bargain for sure!

Pamela Green, 3D, Pinup, model, nude.

Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6 — Pamela Green in 3-D

Pamela Green, 3D pinup, nude

Pamela Green in 3-D from Intimate Studies of Beauty No.6.


A set of six lobby cards from the American release of the film As Nature Intended (1961). In America the word Naked in the title was considered to risqué and was dropped. Ironically the US version of the film is far more racy as the UK release had several cuts.

As-Nature-Intended-001As Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison MarksAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison MarksAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison MarksAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela GreenAs Nature Intended, Lobby card, Pamela Green, Harrison Marks

The cinematic tale of Harrison Marks’ nudist feature Naked as Nature Intended, the iconic film that brought us Pamela Green in her birthday suit, is now available as a book. It features behind the scenes exclusives and never before seen pictures. Order online from Amazon.

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Early in her career Pamela Green worked for the Pageantry Model Agency at 16 Charing Cross Road, which was run by Pearl Beresford. Here’s one of the many corset ads she did. Feel free to share any ads you may have come across.

Youthlines advert in Vanity Fair (May 1954) featuring Pamela Green.

Youthlines advert in Vanity Fair (May 1954) featuring Pamela Green.

As most of the readers of this blog should know Douglas Webb was one of the Dambusters. May 16th is the 70th anniversary of  the raid. It was a breathtaking display of daring, ingenuity and self-sacrifice that had a huge effect on the wartime generation and still inspires us today… and rightly so. I only met Doug a few times but it was incredibly humbling to meet a real hero from history. For a list of anniversary events I suggest you take a look Charles Foster’s Dambusters blog. For more information about Doug and the Dams raid check out the following posts of mine.

The Dambuster and the Bombshell
Douglas Webb

Douglas Webb, DFM, 617 Squadron, The Dambusters, Operation Chastise

Douglas Webb outside Buckingham Palace with his fiancé Anne Jones (aka Bebe) and his parents on the day he received his Distinguished Flying Medal for taking part in the Dams raid, officially known as Operation Chastise.

Pamela Green and Harrison Marks often photographed models that worked at the various clubs scattered around Soho in the ’60s. One such model was Rusty Gaynor who started working for them in 1962. She ended up being the cover girl of Kamera #55 and featured in her very own Kamera Cine Film (nos. 38), entitled Rusty Gaynor. She worked at the Queens Theatre Club on Berwick Street then run by the notorious Jimmy Humphreys who she married.

Kamera 55 featuring Rusty Gaynor on the cover.

Kamera 55 featuring Rusty Gaynor on the cover.

Kamera Cine Films presents Rusty Gaynor. Photographed by Harrison Marks.

Kamera Cine Films presents Rusty Gaynor. Photographed by Harrison Marks.

The polite Jimmy Humphreys was an old boy of Rochester Borstal and Wormwood Scrubs — the Eton and Oxford of the underworld. In 1962 on his release from Dartmoor prison he was taken under the wing of crime boss Bernie Silver. Drilled by Silver in the ways of the Soho underworld, Jimmy learnt fast and was soon entrusted with greater responsibility. From clip-joint manager he went to strip club manager, and was soon a fifty-fifty partner with Silver.

Jimmy owned the lease on seven porn shops and two strip clubs. When the police raided Soho’s porn shops in the ’60s, they would call up Jimmy and offer him the confiscated stock. He would drive down to Scotland Yard, hand over some cash and fill up his white Rolls Royce with the magazines. He had scores of Metropolitan Police detectives on his payroll. The head of the Flying Squad had a fondness for eating at the Savoy. Jimmy felt it prudent to give him an exercise bike.

Jimmy Humphreys may have officiated in the macho world of the crime boss, but when it came to keeping employees in order and looking after the business on a day-to-day basis, Rusty was in charge.

12 lovely girls in "The Striptease Set." Directed and produced by Rusty Gaynor. Queens Theatre Club Souvenir Programme. 31 Berwick Street, London W1

Twelve lovely girls in “The Striptease Set.” Directed and produced by Rusty Gaynor. Queens Theatre Club Souvenir Programme.

It all started to unravel for them in 1972 when the Sunday Mirror disclosed that the Flying Squad commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Kenneth Drury had been on holiday in Cyprus with Jimmy Humphreys. In the wake of the investigation Kenneth Drury was suspend the resigned. The Yard decided to mount a full-scale investigation into Jimmy’s business dealings. This led to a series of raids on his shops and his fourth story flat on Dean Street.

Rusty Gaynor was jailed for 4 months in September 1972 for unlawfully possessing a pistol and 5 rounds of ammunition. She was arrested when the gun was found on her at Heathrow airport. She was remanded on bail of £1,000 with two £1,000 sureties. Jimmy Humphreys was in Ibiza and she planned to ‘threaten’ him. She ended up just serving one month of her sentence.

Around about this time Rusty was supposedly having an affair with a petty crook called Peter Garfath. Jimmy vowed revenge. One night at the Dauphin Club in George Street, Marylebone, Humphreys and his henchmen caught up with Peter ‘carved him up’. Humphreys role in that night of violence was to get him a sentence of eight years, but before the law closed in on him he fled to the Continent. He was eventually arrested near Amsterdam on June 7th 1973 at the urgent request of the British Police. While awaiting Jimmy’s extradition Rusty was given a three-month suspended jail sentence and £100 fine plus £300 costs for being party to keeping a brothel.

Jimmy Humphreys was eventually sentenced in April 1974 to eight years for grievous bodily harm. Convinced he had been set-up he began to tell all. He opened his diaries in which he had recorded all his dealings with the police. By the time he had given evidence against all the corrupt officers he had wined and dined, 74 had been arrested, 12 had resigned, 28 retired and 13 were jailed. It was the biggest police scandal in a century and two years into his sentence he was rewarded with a royal pardon.

In the aftermath of the scandal, Jimmy and Rusty went to America. Homesick, they eventually returned to London. In 1994 they were sent to prison for living off the earnings of prostitution; Jimmy got twelve months, Rusty got eight. The judge said they had cleared more than £100,000 over a 20-month period in a highly profitable operation. When Jimmy was arrested he apparently asked one of the arresting officers whether ‘something could be done’ about his charge. He was told this is 1993, not 1973.

Jimmy Humphreys and Rusty Gaynor eventually retired to the South Coast. Jimmy died in Hastings on September 22, 2003, aged 73.

From Steve Coogan and director Michael Winterbottom, the team behind 24 Hour Party People, Cock and Bull Story and The Trip, comes the fast, funny and outrageously true story of Paul Raymond, the controversial entrepreneur and property baron who established the Raymond Revue Bar and went on to become Britain’s richest man. With a screenplay by Matt Greenhalgh, The Look of Love co-stars Anna Friel, Imogen Poots and Tamsin Egerton as the women in Raymond’s life, alongside a great roster of British comic talent including Chris Addison, David Walliams, Simon Bird and Matt Lucas.

The Look of Love

Anna Friel as Jean Raymond in Michael Winterbottom’s biopic of Paul Raymond, the nightclub owner and adult magazine publisher.

After starting his show business career as a mind-reader in a cabaret act, Paul Raymond went on to become Britain’s richest man and a modern King Midas. With an entrepreneurial eye and a realisation that sex sells, he began building his empire of gentleman’s clubs, porn magazines and nude theatre — provoking outrage and titillation in equal measure. Raymond’s personal life was as colourful as his revue shows. His marriage to Jean, a nude dancer and choreographer, ended in a difficult divorce when he met Fiona Richmond. His daughter Debbie was the true love of his life, his business partner and heir to his empire — until her tragic and untimely death aged 36. Three weeks later Raymond was named Britain’s richest man and his fortune put at 1.5billion.

The film is based on the book Members Only by my good friend Paul Willetts. While doing the research for the book he manage to interview Pamela Green. Probably the last interview she did. Paul has written two other books of non-fiction – Fear and Loathing in Fitzrovia and North Soho 999 and he’s edited four much-praised collections of writing by the bohemian dandy, Julian Maclaren-Ross.

The Look of Love will be released in the UK on 26th April, 2013

I would like to thank Gavcrimson for allowing me to re-post this article from his blog. 

I recently managed to get hold of the US version of Naked As Nature Intended (1961), and was pleasantly surprised to find a very different version of the film than the one I’d previously encountered on video in the UK. In fact it turns out the film was completely re-worked for its American release by Crown International. Not only was the narration re-voiced for the American market, but the US version also draws on ‘stronger’ takes than appear in the UK version, and more tantalizingly includes all of the footage cut from the film’s British release version by the censor John Trevelyan in 1961. Material that was generally thought of as being lost, since the film’s original negatives  – which are held by the BFI  – were cut, and the censored footage was also missing from subsequent UK video releases.

As Nature Intended Film Poster

Film poster for the American release of Naked As Nature Intended.

Officially the only BBFC cuts made to the film, re-printed in and quoted here from John Hamilton’s book about Tony Tenser, were:

“Reel 5
Remove all shots of girls on beach when they are seen front view, naked or virtually naked, full length.
Remove shot of Pamela posing on the edge of the water, with a filmy scarf in her hair.

Reel 6
Remove all shots of girls, both before and during the game with a ball, when they are seen naked front view, full length”.

Of course this doesn’t really tell the whole story, since back then a lot of censorship took place at a script or post-production stage, and its been well documented that even before the ‘official’ censorship began, Trevelyan axed a couple of scenes from Naked as Nature Intended. Trevelyan seems to have been especially fixated by the idea that the film was “really” about lesbianism, and on the basis of the material cut from the UK version but reinstated for the American release, he seems to have been more concerned with removing that perceived aspect to the film rather than the nudity itself. It’s very hard not to turn Trevelyan into a figure of fun in all of this and portray him as some kind of doddery old fool, shifting through nudist films for any lesbian subtexts and accidental full frontal shots. In fairness we are talking here about a film in which two of the main female characters work as petrol pump attendants, don’t appear to have boyfriends and go on nudist holidays together, so maybe Trevelyan was onto something. Also according to one of my more colourful sources of info for that era there was a bit of chatter within the industry about someone connected to the film (in a none directorial capacity). Now whether “those rumours” about this person were true or not, if this gossip did reach Trevelyan’s ears it would explain why he was so on the look out for any lesbian leanings to the film.

Publicity shot from the nudist film Naked as Nature Intended which was directed by Harrison Marks.

Publicity shot from the nudist film Naked as Nature Intended which was directed by Harrison Marks. Photo taken by Douglas Webb at Spielplatz Naturist Club.

Anyway these are the differences I’ve been able to spot by comparing the British and American versions.

  • The US opening credits are different to those in British version, no doubt this was mainly done to accommodate a re-title (the American version is merely known as ‘As Nature Intended’, somewhat ironic that a version with more nudity should remove the ‘n’ word from its title). The American version of the credits also drops the narration credit for Guy Kingsley Poynter, and presents George Harrison Marks’ ‘directed by’ credit in standard bold lettering (the British version uses a reproduction of his signature.) The American version also shortens Pam’s long, pre-title walk to the camera.
  • In the UK version the opening scene showing Petrina working as a secretary is missing close-ups of her legs and shots of her boss trying to cop an eyeful of them. This presumably was originally meant to visualize the line in the British version “that reminds me of that definition, even a girl who can’t add up can certainly distract” but of course the shot got cut from the UK version and the line re-voiced for the American version.
  • The “shower scene” is cut out entirely from the UK version but remains in the US release. Originally meant to appear in the film in-between the scene of Bridget and Angela leaving the petrol station and the scene of Pam and Petrina picking up Jackie at her parent’s house, it basically consists of Pam emerging from a shower (demonstrating the same quick use of a towel to cover herself that also comes in handy during the later beach scenes) and chatting with Petrina over tea about their upcoming holiday. Trevelyan’s justification for cutting the scene was that it features nudity outside of its ‘proper’ nudist camp context, and since the two girls are shown living together; “there could be a connotation that they’re lesbians” Trevelyan is said to have told George Harrison Marks. Something that clearly went over the head of the American narrator who seems more amused by the tea drinking (“very British… those British”) and uses the scene as a platform for sexist wisecracks about women being unable to read maps.
  • In the US version the scene with Bridget and Angela undressing in a field shows both women topless, albeit briefly. In the UK version the shot of Angela cuts away just as her top is about to come off, while the shot of Bridget taking her top off pans down just as her top is coming off (the US version uses a stronger version of this shot which sees Bridget go topless before the camera pans down.)
  • The “payoff” at the end of the scene in the boat, in which Jackie Salt falls overboard, gets rescued then is dried off by Pam and Petrina, is different in the two versions. In the UK version the two women dry her off while, absurdly, she still has her clothes on. On the other hand the US version uses a take in which Jackie is topless and Pam and Petrina are rubbing her breasts. Something that no doubt gave further ammo to Trevelyan’s theory about the characters being lesbians. Even Marks’ production manager had doubts whether this scene would pass the British censor, reportedly telling Marks during filming “They won’t wear it, George, women rubbing each other down!”. Presumably they filmed clothed and unclothed versions of the scene in the (correct) belief that the censor would refuse to pass the unclothed take.
  • The scene on the beach prior to Pam meeting Bridget and Angela, originally includes a shot of Petrina with her top off, which is in the US version but is cut out of the UK one. Presumably this shot was removed by Trevelyan because it once again shows nudity outside of a nudist camp.
  • Given the amount of cuts made to the film before the characters even reach the nudist camp, it’s quite surprising then to find that the scenes on the nudist beach and in the camp itself seem to have been mostly passed uncut. Confusingly all of the material the BBFC’s records suggests was cut (“shots of girls on beach when they are seen front view, naked or virtually naked, shot of Pamela posing on the edge of the water, with a filmy scarf in her hair.. Etc, etc”) is still in the UK version, suggesting that those cuts were either never made or appealed at some point? The only cut made to the film during the nudist camp sequences, effects the shots of Pam riding nude on a swing, which is briefly seen in the UK version, but goes on allot longer in the US version and from angles that show more than Trevelyan was clearly prepared to pass in 1961.
Press book for Naked As Nature Intended, which was produced and directed by Harrison Marks and starred Pamela Green in her first and only nudist film. Distributed by Compton-Cameo.

Press book for Naked As Nature Intended, which was produced and directed by Harrison Marks and starred Pamela Green in her first and only nudist film. Distributed by Compton-Cameo.

While Naked as Nature Intended is never likely to be regarded as the most exciting film ever made, the added bits and bobs of nudity do give the film more of a pulse. Plus the sustained nudity throughout makes the film play more like a typical American nudie of the era, as opposed to the British version which keeps its audience in suspense with around 40 minutes of travelogue before showing nudity of any kind. What really distinguishes the American version from the British one however is the narration. Whereas the UK narration comes across like something out of a Pathe news reel with a couple of George Harrison Marks’ old music hall one liners thrown in, the American narration is far more obvious in its sexploitation motives.

In particular there are lots of leery ‘carrot on the stick’ type comments to the audience, during the nothing special opening scenes showing the girls working 9 to 5 jobs, emphasizing that the girls will end up taking their clothes off at a nudist camp… eventually. The unnamed American narrator actually soon becomes bored by having to talk over all the British travelogue footage and “introduces” his British friend Cedric to chat through several sequences, at which point the narration actually reverts back to the original Guy Kingsley Poynter narration. Even so our American narrator cant help but occasionally chipping to take the piss, remarking “Oh, that’s a good one” after one of the film’s bad puns and “I’ll treasure that information” after some Kingsley Poynter titbit about Cornwall which is of bugger all interest to Americans.

Given the American narration track was put together by Crown International rather than Marks himself, this version can hardly be considered true to Marks’ original vision, and I suppose a ‘Director’s Cut’ version of the film would include the UK narration track and all of the censored material put back in. Still at least the American version has preserved the material cut from the film, and its existence suggests that they might be versions of other 1960s British horror and sexploitation films existing overseas that managed to sneak back in footage cut from the UK releases. We can but hope.

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The photographer George Harrison Marks married Vivienne Warren his second wife in 1963. According to The News of the World at the time Vivienne Warren was the sister of Vicki Martin. I haven’t been able to confirm this. George was notorious for making things up. Different surnames and a big age difference between them raises some questions, however her story is an interesting one nevertheless. If anyone knows any more please add to the post with a comment.

Vicki Martin was Born Valerie Mewes in 1931. She was best friends with Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in the UK (1955). The pair had both worked at Murray’s Club in Soho, where Stephen Ward, of the Profumo Scandal, later met Christine Keeler. Stephen Ward claimed to have met Vicki Martin in a doorway on Oxford Street during a thunderstorm. Ward produced many female protégés and apparently Vicki Martin was the prototype. She was also a friend of the Maharajah of Cooch-Behar, whose horse racing colours, were once prominent on the British turf. Vicki had an affliction for car accidents. Apparently she had 12 of them over four years and was killed outright in her 13th crash.

Vicki Martin, Maharajah of Cooch Behar

Vicki Martin, the sister Vivienne Warren and the girlfriend of The Maharajah of Cooch-Behar.

Vicki Martin, Stephen Ward and The Maharajah of Cooch-Behar

The Daily Telegraph, January 1955. Thanks to Casper for the scan.

She one of two people killed when the car she was driving collided with another vehicle on the Henley road near Maidenhead, Berkshire (January 9th 1955). The cars met almost head-on. Miss Martin and the driver of the other car were killed outright.

Miss Martin’s companion, was the Canadian Terence Robertson, author of a number of books and the first proponent of the Jack the Ripper victim Fairy Fay. He claimed Fairy Fay was a murdered in the alleys of Commercial Road on Boxing Night, 1887, while taking a short cut home from a Mitre Square pub.

In the other car were the newly weds Mr and Mrs David Salisbury Haig who were returning from a dance in London. Mr Haig, who was 41, was killed and his wife was injured. They had been married only six weeks. Mr Haig was a scientific officer of the National Coal Board.

The wrecked cars were found by Sir David Salt, of Cookham Berkshire. “The girl was dead on the road.” he said, “and I have since wondered how she came to be on the road, because the door of the car was shut.”

Vicki and the Maharajah of Cooch-Behar had met at a film party for It Started in Paradise (1952), a British drama set in the world of haute couture. Vicki played a model in the film. The actress, Kay Kendall, who was a friend of Stephen Ward’s, also had a part.

Film poster for It Started in Paradise (1952) an unusually plush, Lana Turner-esque  British production.

Film poster for It Started in Paradise (1952) an unusually plush, Lana Turner-esque British production.

Vicki and the Maharajah were both injured in July 1953, when the car in which they were travelling was involved in an accident with a van near Baldock Hertfordshire. They were returning from the races at Newmarket. The Maharajah of Couch-Behar received a severe head injury and Vicki Martin was detained at the hospital with leg injuries.

After the accident she spoke of her romance with her Indian Prince. “I am so very fond of him as I feel he is of me. But there is little hope of our romance coming to anything’, she said. “You see, it is the Tiger’s mother, by the way I call the Maharajah “Tiger’ and he calls me “méchante’, French for naughty girl, who is putting her foot down”.

The Maharajah of Cooch-Behar first marriage took place privately at Cooch-Behar, 1949 to Nancy Valentine of New York, a former screen actress, which is a complete other story.

His second marriage was to the London model Gina (Georgina May) Egan in 1956. Gina played a beauty queen contestant in the British film Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951). Vicki Martin’s friend, Ruth Ellis, had a walk-on part in the same film. Diana Dors and Joan Collins also appear.

On January 31 1970, Terence Robertson took his own life in a New York hotel room. At the time he had been commissioned to write a history of the notorious Canadian Jewish Bronfman family but had found out things they didn’t want him to write about. The Bronfman’s made a fortune selling alcohol to American gangsters during Prohibition. Terence Robertson was found in his room minutes before he died of barbiturate poisoning.

Vicki Martin lived at 75 Cadogan Place, Chelsea, London.

Film poster for Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951), released in the United States as Bikini Baby.

Film poster for Lady Godiva Rides Again (1951), released in the United States as Bikini Baby.

He’s an extremely rare picture of Pamela Green with Rita Landre together. It was taken for the book Pamela that was printed by Luxor Press (ca 1956). George and Pam received a few copies of the book, but they never got paid. Their prints and transparencies were never returned either. The book has 66 pages and cost 18/-. Copies for sale occasionally appear on the Abe Books website .

Pamela: a portrait in 58 studies by Harrison Marks, Luxor Press (ca 1956).

Pamela Green, George Harrison Marks, nude, Glamour

Advert for the Book Pamela, Britain’s No. 1 model.


Every year Pamela Green and George Harrison Marks would send out a custom Christmas card. This is the image from the front of their card in 1961, the year the film Naked as Nature Intended came out. The caption inside reads “Well — Do YOU read the small print on contracts!” To all the readers of this blog season’s greetings and best wishes for the coming year. Have fun.

George Harrison Marks as the doorman outside the then recently refurbished Cameo-Moulin cinema on Great Windmill Street, London W1 (1961).


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