W.I. to Watch Striptease Films!

As part of their support for the Breast Cancer Campaign, the Women’s Institute in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight will be watching a selection of 1950s striptease films featuring one of their former members, Pamela Green, who, as you know, passed away earlier this year. Now known for her cameo role in the classic film Peeping Tom by Michael Powell, Pamela Green, was postwar Britain’s best-known pin-up girl and the first woman to appear naked on British TV.

Date: Thursday 28th October 2010 – open to all
Venue: The Royal Yacht Club, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

  1. meisteryak’s avatar

    The event hosted by the W.I. in Yarmouth has caused a real flurry of interest. The news, the local press and the radio all covered it. Here’s the report on the BBC website




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