Harrison Marks Model: Lorraine Burnett

Besides working as a model for George Harrison Marks,  Lorraine Burnett appeared on stage at the Windmill Theatre in 1956. She also worked at the Panama Club, as did Anna Karen (Olive in On the Buses) and later at the Raymond Revuebar. She appeared in Solo No.2, well over a dozen issues of Kamera between 1957 and 1961, and two Kamera 8mm cine films, Exhibition (1960) and Showtime (1960). All of which attests to her popularity with Kamera fans of the day. Big thanks to M.P. for the photo.

Harrison Marks Model: Lorraine Burnette


  1. Maurice Poole’s avatar

    Lorraine Burnett worked for a short time at the Windmill Theatre.This is an official Windmill Theatre Co.,Ltd. photograph of Lorraine Burnett and the only know photograph of Lorraine Burnett at the Windmill Theatre.



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