A rather delightful rare image of a young Pamela Green getting all Disney with a budgie. As far as I know unpublished. Taken by Stephen Glass at Spielplatz around the early ’50s —  if I’m not mistaken. Pretty sure the bird is stuffed. Taken from the original negative.

A nude Pamela Green with a budgie.

Pamela Green at Spielplatz by Stephen Glass

Photo of Pandora by Joan Craven.

Pamela Green as Pandora by Joan Craven

This picture is a favourite of mine. Pamela Green as Pandora, as photographed by Joan Craven. This was a freelance job while Pamela was working at the London Casino in Old Compton Street. Pamela Green met Joan Craven when she was sent by her agent to Kinocrat House to work for the photographer Walter Bird. Joan Craven shared studios with Walter. Pamela also posed as Circe, the goddess of magic, for Joan — a picture I’ve not yet come across.

For more about Joan read my earlier post Joan Craven (1897-1979)

Shona Craven has started a website dedicated to her great aunt Joan Craven. She is trying to piece together the details of Joan’s life. If you can have any information to share please get in touch with Shona at insearchofjoancraven.wordpress.com

Vicki Martin was the older sister of George’s second wife Vivienne Warren. She died in a car crash in 1955 more of which you can read about here. Thanks to Casper for the following scans.

Vicki Martin, Maharajah of Cooch Behar

Vicki Martin, the unluckiest showgirl dies in car crash number 13.
Daily Mirror Jan. 10th 1955

Vicki Martin, Maharajah of Cooch Behar

Pamela Green, Nudist Camp, Speilplatz,

Pamela Green enjoying a spring shower.

Pamela Green passed away five years ago today. To mark the occasion I’ve selected a photo to post from her personal collection. It is a rather fun photo with a certain amount of joie de vivre to remember her by. I’m afraid I don’t know much about it other than it was probably taken in between 1948 and 1951. No idea who the photographer is or her two friends. If you have any idea please let me know. The garden looks to formal to be the naturist camp at Spielplatz.

Pam’s Book of Condolences is still up at www.pamela-green.co.uk/condolences

Pamela Green, Harrison Marks

Issue 18 of Bosomy Beauties featuring Rita Landre.

Other than issue 13 of Solo in 1958, the only magazine dedicated to Pamela Green’s alter ego Rita Landre that I know of is Bosomy Beauties, no. 18. It was released by Phoebe Publishers of New York. Date unknown. 32 black and white pages long, twenty three of them featured Rita. In actual fact some of them are of Pam in her short red hair phase and not actually Rita.

What I find amusing that even with a title like Bosomy Beauties the publishers still felt the need to pretend the book was an aid to the artists. And I quote…

“This book is presented as an aid to the artist, photographer, model and physical culture student. It is designed to enable him to further pursue his studies of the human figure — the fundamental basis of all fine art. It is the honest and sincere purpose of this and all of our similar publications to capture the fixed lighting, lines, contour and defined shadows in order to assist the artist in making good and authentic reproductions and to aid the model in the learning of new and varied poses.

The primary purpose we have in mind is to inspire both the professional and serious amateur by offering the finest photographic techniques available as a guide to what can be done with a camera, film — and a little patience.”

Pamela Green, Pinup spanish, Stephen Glass

Señorita Pamela Green

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so here is a special treat. An ultra rare photo of a young Pamela Green, taken in the mid ’50s. As you can see she has raided the dressing up box and gone for a Spanish outfit. On the left hand side one can catch the reflection of the man holding the lamp. I’ve not see this photo or any other pictures from the session anywhere else. Have you?

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about Stanley Long (1933-2012) that mentioned Desiree and Pierre. Here’s another picture of that double act. Beside Beauty and the Beast Desiree was well known for such acts as Devil and the Virgin and Apache. Often billed as Mille Desiree or Delicious Desiree, she appeared on the stage of such London clubs as the Casino De Paris and Raymond’s Revue Bar. She also worked at clubs up North and in Europe. I’ve been told her real name was Cynthia Keene and that she came from Blackpool… not Hamburg. If any one can verify the above much appreciated.

Desiree and Pierre, Stanley Long

Striptease double act Desiree and Pierre

Kamera, Pagan, Harrison Marks, Pamela Green

Kamera no. 40 and Pagan no. 3

On the left Kamera, no. 40, by Kamera Publications, 1961 and on the right Pagan, no. 3, by Caballus Publications, date unknown. Both magazines feature Pamela Green on the cover dressed as Princess Sonmar Harricks on the set of the 8mm film Gypsy Fire — Sonmar Harricks being an anagram of Harrison Marks. The internal pages are completely different.

For a nostalgia buff like me lots of pleasure was wrested from watching the title sequence of the film Two Left Feet (1963). A young Michael Crawford visits the West End and ends up queuing to see Pamela Green in Naked as Nature Intended at the Bijou Cinema (looks like a movie set). The film is based on David Stuart Leslie’s novel In my Solitude (1960). The novel is full of observational description of the period. In the film watch out for young Mike Leigh, as a leather-jacketed gang member helping to trash a café. The title song is by Tommy Bruce and the Bruisers. It was release on DVD back in September, 2014, in a brand-new transfer in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. Well worth a look. A real pleasure.

Two Left Feet, Michael Crawford, David Stuart

Two Left Feet, Michael Crawford, David Stuart, Alan CrabbeMichael Crawford, Two Left Feet

Two Left Feet , Two Left Feet , David Stuart


Good tidings for ye Merrie Christmas…and all that

A rare George Harrison Marks Christmas card from the early ’60s. On the right Stuart Samuels, Pamela Green, and George Harrison Marks. Don’t know who the others are. Let me know if you do.

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